29 1 / 2013

So, many of my students are not responding well to Lit Circles. Most ran out of things to talk about. Many were off track and ridiculing one another. Many thought it was boring and hate the jobs.

Well… too damn bad, I say. It was only the first day and many students didn’t even bring their work so I hope that next time is better. If it’s not, then I will re-think some aspects. I’m going to give a more structured guide next time though…. I guess.

Today I had a big case meeting with an assistant principal, my whole team, and guidance/social workers. The assistant principal loved my responses/interventions I have worked on with the student. Woo. 

Also, all the teachers in my department are going to push for me to be the full-year sub for someone’s maternity leave next year. OH PLEASE YES.