31 8 / 2014


Visit psych2go.net for the sources and new articles.


Visit psych2go.net for the sources and new articles.

30 8 / 2014

30 8 / 2014



Anyone have good tips on this one? I’m still trying to figure it out.

I had my students make name tents on the first day (and design them to reflect three things about themselves so we could get to know each other). They have their name tents out during the whole class until I tell them otherwise. Every time I call on a student I say their name and they say their name. Repetition!

29 8 / 2014

I’m squashing misbehavior left and right. I made my students spend a minute searching my floor for garbage.

As soon as a student speaks out of turn (in the rude obvious way) I professionally remind them of our classroom rules and that I may be funny and kind but I’m not bullshitting them on my rules. 

I demand effort, attention, and respect and so far I am getting it. I like this feeling of consistent calculating, purposeful, knowledgeable decisions on my part. 

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i really have no idea what this has to do with survival skills

Actually she has identifying which plants and berries are poisonous. She was quizzing herself. It’s foreshadowing because she later dies from eating poisonous berries; in the book, it’s seen as a foolish mistake, but because of this scene, it has implications of suicide. 

Holy shit

Well the Hunger Games just became even more devastating than it already was.

I always did wonder why the ‘smartest’ one died from something she should have known about… This makes a lot more sense now.

Even though I’m an English teacher, I sometimes forget that things like this aren’t obvious to everyone else in the world.

(Source: brennacarver, via pagingdoctorcarter)

28 8 / 2014

Second day to get the misbehavior out of the way.

There’s one boy who is a family friend and obviously thinks he can get away with shit. If he steps over the line even a toe tomorrow, he’s getting a detention and an email home and to his coach.

They weren’t bad but the were too schoochy and doing stupid little things that I absolutely did not want to continue. They got their warnings today and tomorrow I will give out detentions if it continues.

27 8 / 2014

I got so many comments about how much they miss me. My heart was soaring every time. I don’t think they realize how much it meant to me.

I could cry thinking about it, honestly. I miss them so much.

27 8 / 2014

My students were mostly very good today.

It’s going to be a very interesting year. I have a feeling that a few of the kids are going to become a problem quickly.

My feet are killing me.

I want comfort food and wine. Lots of it.

It was a good day but I just want everything to be comforting and relaxing.

I want to take a nap and lay in the pool but the pool is 45 minutes away at my mom’s house…

26 8 / 2014

My newly re-designed, almost complete classroom. I’m going to take pictures again on Friday after I’ve had a few days to settle and finish up the little things.

It’s really nothing special but I’m happy with it. I have things organized and I am ready for the year.

26 8 / 2014

We are literally doing nothing important today. Repeating info from last year and wasting time. Posting my to-do list here so I am motivated to do it all:

-Reinforce all signs around classroom with cardstock

-Finish decorating bulletin boards

-clean and arrange desks for students

-clean my desk

-organize binders for units, absent students, and subs

-make copies for tomorrow (eek!)

25 8 / 2014

It’s a day of meetings and hopefully some time to finish my classroom so I can take pictures finally!
To do list:
Hang signs on all areas
Get dry erase board hung
Hang posters
Write and decorate the text spotlight board
Arrange desks
Clean my desk
Get bookshelves from coworker and fill them! (I’m so excited my room is stuffed with books yay free bookshelves)
Set up a new absent binder area and file system for my materials.

24 8 / 2014





The ever popular “thot” is currently the bane of my existence as well as “huwahh”


I’ve never in my life heard either.

My students don’t really use slang, but I would like them to say I need the bathroom instead of…

Or nah is pretty much the worst.

bae makes me nuts.